Expatriate Destinations of Note

In the survey, we asked our respondents whether they wanted to have a permanent or temporary visa in order to migrate to a different country. A large majority of the expatriates wanted to immigrate because they found it more convenient and secure to work abroad compared to staying in their current jobs. When asked what is the best country for expatriates, the common response was India (by far) and China. Both these Asian countries are wealthy nations with strong economies, so they provide an excellent platform for expatriates to build a brighter future.

We also asked our respondents what is the most popular expatriate destination. In the Caribbean region, Spain and Mexico top the list. Surprisingly, we were also told that the United Kingdom is one of the popular expatriate destinations in the world. This may be because many expats from Britain have made their home in Spain or in southern Mexico. An increasing number of British expatriates are choosing to live in Spain because they feel safer and because of the excellent quality of life in those Spanish cities.

It seems that the popularity of Spain is quite similar to that of India. The two countries also rank high when it comes to the top destinations for expatriates to relocate to. With the recent economic downturn in the UK, more Brits are choosing to emigrate to one of the Spanish or Portuguese cities. The recent strengthening of the Pound Sterling has made it even easier for British expatriates to relocate to Spain or Portugal. As long as an expatriate feels secure working locally in their chosen country, working abroad can provide them with all the benefits of working locally, but living abroad.



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January 11, 2021